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Among TERA's best aspects (beyond its battle) is its own art design. It is anime-tinted, and all its races and denizens look like something you've maybe seen before in some form or shape, but mostly unique to the entire world of TERA. Even in some of the out-there MMOs you won't find more than one or two drastically different race layouts for player characters, but Buy Tera Gold has an adequate variety of humanoids, elves, stone guys, and tiny pandas. When you are walking around the Earth, chances are you'll be seeing a great deal of special creations.

After creating my brand new High Elf Archer, it was time to start the leveling process all over again, and this can be just as painless as I recall. You obtain a mount really fast following the starting point, which is ideal, along with also the console UI is mostly optimized, especially when it regards quest dialog, which zooms in and allows the NPC some weight since it takes up the whole screen.

The same holds for NPC tags, since they are clearly conveyed, making pursuit turn-ins a cinch. Inventory management is slow, but it is designed for consoles using rapid menu switching sans clunky faux mouse cursors. While menus are nicely done, the majority of the other on-screen text when you are not engaging in menus looks cluttered, and pursuit items are archaically connected to menus when other games (like Final Fantasy XIV connect them to button presses).

TERA still has no authentic mid to end game onboarding that's a true shame for incoming new players as they will have to trust the kindness of strangers or external forums to find out their proper ability rotations. This is not unique to the MMO genre at all as nearly every game forces you to do this, and having trekked through MMO menus because Ultima Online I am set. TERA is not nearly as complex as most of the games on the market -- but you would think there would be some concerted attempt to bag the console crowd.

In terms of the way TERA has evolved over time (and if it is worth picking up again for those of you who stopped ages ago): it has gotten markedly better in some ways, but stayed stagnant others. Like all MMOs it finally got flying mounts and exploration opened up a little more, but its entire world is much smaller than it seems. That world, mind, is mostly stable on consoles, as the sole significant performance problems I ran into occurred in hub cities.

Experience gains and questing have been tweaked to allow a better leveling encounter, but Bluehole never really figured out how to build a rewarding endgame -- largely relegating it to a (gigantic) dungeon grind or (the woefully neglected) PVP battlegrounds.

Despite these nitpicks which are unique to the console editions, tera console gold is still absolutely worth trying out in the event that you've never delved into it ahead. It's something I plan on sticking on the side rather than as a main course, but those of you that are already chowing down TERA should likely stay with the PC version.

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